More generous Community support

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The Trust wants to acknowledge and again thank the Bike Workshop within the Valley Community Workspace (Northeast Valley, Dunedin) for another generous donation!   The money was raised from 100% Koha by the public who had help to repair their bikes in the Community Bike Workshop.

The Valley Community Workspace is a community that supports research and practice in low-carbon and sustainable technologies. 

VCW coordinates research and development projects and the activities of the workshop. Current ventures include the Dunedin Makerspace – an electronics and robotics development space; a DIY bicycle-repair/second-hand bike workshop; electric and recumbent bicycle developers; electric car conversion enthusiasts; and a welding workshop.

The Trust also wants to acknowledge and thank our website developer and hosting company Firebrand for their sponsorship of this site. They've done a brilliant job in development, as well as providing the hosting platform for the site.  


Finally, we want to say a big thank you to EVERYONE who has supported us this year in our efforts to see the Trail developed, and we wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!